La réorganisation du Musee de Cherchel : phase 1 : le royaume numide

R. Amedick – H. Froning (éd.), Wiesbaden 2012

Résumé :

The transformation of the ancient punic town of Iol into the royal residence Caesarea Mauretaniae by King Juba II and his queen Cleopatra Selene in 25 B.C., marked the beginning of a sculptural tradition that lasted into the fourth century A.D. and produced sculptural works of superb quality. The joint algero-german program of restoration and conservation of the Roman sculptures of Cherchel was resumed in 2008 after an interim lasting several years. La réorganisation du Musée de Cherchel contains the proceedings of an algero-german colloquium held in Algiers in 2009 to discuss the reinstallation of the unique collection of sculpture at the newly created National Museum in Cherchel. This meeting reviewed the progress of the ongoing restoration of the statues, surveyed the numismatic evidence on the history of Iol, discussed the royal portraits and some exceptional monuments of the residential city, presented the results of marble analyses and sonografic studies and explored architectural options for a renewed museum. Contributions in French, English and German.

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