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I martedì di Carthago

Con l’apertura della mostra Carthago. Il mito immortale il Parco archeologico del Colosseo avvia un articolato ciclo di incontri, che consentirà di approfondire non solo i temi della rassegna che si tiene al Colosseo e nel Foro Romano, al Tempio di Romolo e alla Rampa imperiale, ma anche di scoprire la realtà artistica contemporanea della Tunisia. Musicisti, danzatori, esperti di cinema e teatro si alterneranno nella Curia Iulia al Foro Romano con un ricco palinsesto di eventi. Ma non mancheranno giornate di studio e tavole rotonde dal taglio più specialistico.

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Fellowships (Podt-doc) « RomanIslam », université d’Hambourg

The Center for Advanced Study brings together scholars from a wide range of disciplines working on Romanization and Islamication in Late Antiquity with a focus but not exclusively on the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa during the first millennium CE. The overall aim of the Center is to explore new approaches to Romanization and Islamication in this period and to set the scholarly debate in the field on a new footing. The first year theme is ‘How to Govern? Administrative Divisions and Structure’.

Fellowships are available for scholars at all stages of their academic career who have completed their doctoral degree and established an independent research profile. Applicants should be engaged in a research project in any relevant discipline that is related to the Center’s interests in Romanization and Islamication in the period and area in question. The Center also welcomes applications from scholars working on comparative empire and transcultural studies in a broader historical (or contemporary) perspective whose research has a strong focus on theoretical and methodological issues. 

Fellows are required to reside in Hamburg, where they pursue their own research project while also participating in the colloquia held at the Center. For the duration of their stay fellows receive a remuneration covering accommodation, travel, and/or living expenses in accordance with their needs and the pertinent regulations of Hamburg University and the DFG.

Application guidelines

Applications should include a CV, a research proposal for the project pursued at Hamburg, including the project’s relation to the topic (2000 words), and an indication of the months the applicant wants to spend at the Center and the kind of financial support they require. All materials should be sent in a single pdf document to

by December 31, 2019.

Should you have any questions pertaining to the details of the fellowship program or the application, please contact the organizers: Sabine Panzram ( and Stefan Heidemann (

Appel à candidatures

Informations : Calenda

Les deux Syrtes entre le désert et la mer : Espace d’échange, de concurrence et de conflit

Colloque international organisé par le département d’Histoire (Université de Sfax) et le département d’Archéologie (Durham University – UK)

Hotel Mahdia Beach
2-4 décembre 2019

برنامج الموتمر الدولي الذي ينظمه قسم التاريخ بجامعة صفاقس بالاشتراك مع قسم الاثار بجامعة ديرهام البريطانية حول موضوع  » سرت الكبرى وسرت الصغرى بين البحر والصحراء: مجال تبادل وتنافس وصراع ». ستدور فعاليات الموتمر بنزل المهدية بيتش بمدينة المهدية ايّام 2 و3و 4 ديسمبر 2019. يشرفنا حضوركم ومشاركتنا هذا الملتقى العلمي.

Coordination : Hafed Abdouli (Université de Sfax ) et Anna Leone (Durham University – UK).